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About CT Scan

In the COVID-19 outbreak, it became clear that RT-PCR testing is both slow and unreliable. The RT-PCR operation needs much longer time (2–24 h) than a CT scan (about 5 s), not to mention its complicated confirmation process. Chest CT provides a fast, convenient, and effective method to early recognize suspicious cases for COVID-19. Chest CT has a high sensitivity for diagnosis of COVID-19, the studies show that the sensitivity of CT for COVID-19 infection was 98% compared to RT-PCR sensitivity of 71%. Compared to RT-PCR, chest CT imaging is a more reliable, practical and rapid method to diagnose and assess COVID-19.
Diagnostic Imaging scans for COVID-19 is absolutely free for uninsured patients. Insured patients are of course welcome.
You can ask your physician to recommend a CT Scan to help the diagnosis, to clear any doubt and to ease your mind.
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We clean and disinfect all equipent and materials after each scan.
All necessary precautions are taken and procedures are followed meticulously.

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